Gabriel Morton versus The Simpsons

You won't appreciate it on as many levels as I do
Season 1
Dismal animation, not-quite-right voices, and a tone that skews harrowing, season one is the clumsy childhood of the show we'd…
Season 2
This is a season that abounds in growth spurts. A lot of Bart episodes give us the last few looks…
Season 3
Now we're getting somewhere. The legs are a little less wobbly and this makes for some confident strides. Lisa develops…

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Describe one sitcom dad and you’ve largely described all of them. They’re snowmen, crafted to be observably humanoid by people who either lack the time, talent, or audience to manage…

By Gabriel, 01 Nov 22, 1

Part of what makes sitcoms a form of comfort food is that they fly in the face of standard narrative wisdom. There’s no journey that leaves its characters changed here,…

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Nobody is proud of being an underachiever. People require a positive sense of self to live, and this sense is maintained via socially acknowledged markers. Most of these markers relate…

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There is a fundamental connection between horror and comedy, and for proof we need look no further than the clown. It doesn’t even need to be a horror clown, with…

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There’s some old advice on narrative writing from Arthur Quiller-Couch about murdering your darlings, by which he meant ornamental prose. The phrase has since evolved to “kill your darlings” and…

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Remember to ask your questions here to have them answered in the next episode.

By Gabriel, 22 Aug 21, 5

My Recollection. I remember this one having some solid lines. Reverend Lovejoy’s incredibly patronising, “Aw, that’s just super” regarding the Hindu faith became one of those borrowed lines you’d use…