Gabriel Morton versus The Simpsons

You won't appreciate it on as many levels as I do
Season 1
Dismal animation, not-quite-right voices, and a tone that skews harrowing, season one is the clumsy childhood of the show we'd…
Season 2
This is a season that abounds in growth spurts. A lot of Bart episodes give us the last few looks…
Season 3
Now we're getting somewhere. The legs are a little less wobbly and this makes for some confident strides. Lisa develops…

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By Gabriel, 14 Jul 21, 3

My Recollection. I remember having some of the references to the episode’s namesake explained to me, but even as a child, images of Stanley crying for Stella were common sights…

By Gabriel, 24 May 21, 6

My Recollection. “Mr Black”. “Mmm, strawberries”. Barney as Krunchie the Klown. My memory of this episode puts it in the same blur of season three. The commentary track mentions that…

By Gabriel, 11 Apr 21, 7

Wow, if you’d have asked me when I started this if it would take me four years to write about three years of The Simpsons, I’d have said, “Yeah, that…

By Gabriel, 22 Mar 21, 4

My Recollection. Can I borrow your underwear? It’s my problem, I’ll deal with it. Rollers could be kneading my buttocks. The hand of a Mediterranean venue owner is less a…

By Gabriel, 20 Dec 20, 11

My Recollection. The Raiders March. ♪FOR NOW THE NETS ARE FULL O’ FISH…♪ Lamentably no, my gastronomic capacity knows no satiety. The thing about Australian culture is that there isn’t…

By Gabriel, 13 Nov 20, 10

My Recollection. Medium setting. Me fans are stupid pigs. It was a chicken wing. Rosie’s was downstairs which only made things worse. The token attempt at air conditioning the old…

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By Gabriel, 14 Oct 20, 3

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