Amber's Transcripts Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 changes

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Hey loves! Welcome back ^.^ in chapter 2 I will be discussing the effects that HRT has had on my body.


As of writing this I have been on feminising hormones for 15 weeks. I started on a patch that needed to be changed every 3 days with a low dose of oestrogen as well as the testosterone blockers. I already had a fairly low amount of T in my body as it was so the blockers worked really well straight away. The patches sucked! The brand I was supposed to get was on shortage so I had another one instead, these go on your bum but I had trouble with them not sticking. After a month of hormones I went back and got more bloods and checked my levels of both testosterone and oestrogen, the T was low and where we want it the oestrogen was pretty low so I was given an increased dose and a different patch. This one lasted 7 days but I still had issues with them sticking and they caused a sticky residue around the rim of the patch itself which would pick up material from my underwear. I’ve also had my third checkup and bloods, even though I’ve lost 16 KG since starting my journey my blood pressure is borderline too high so I can’t increase my dosage or go on pills. I did however get switched to gel, I coat my upper arm every night before bed and it absorbs into the skin in 5-10 minutes. The patches released 100mg of estradiol every 24 hours over 7 days where as the gel is 100mg at once every 24 hours so it works out the same dosage.



Turn and face the strange. HRT is black magic, it is insane how quickly it starts working and the results I’ve already seen! Let’s talk about them shall we? Warning, there are adult themes discussed in the following sections.



became less oily, I used to get a lot of blackheads and dandruff and now I don’t!



My Tastebuds have changed and some food tastes different! Chocolate tastes better and I now like some foods I hated before!


Dealing with Cold

Hormones make the skin thinner and cold effects me more now. Feeling freezing cold at 22 degrees is a new experience as I was always quite cold resistant.


Food consumption

The loss of lean muscle in the arms and shoulders means that the body has a reduced capacity for burning lipids, and as such the fullness sensation occurs earlier.”



My appetite is greatly diminished and meals I could eat before started making me feel over full. I used to be really bad with snacking and always was hungry which has completely changed now


Heightened emotion

Being able to feel emotions fully now and often quite intense is wonderful. I cry a lot, both happy and sad tears. I feel I can process intense emotional responses in a more healthy and happy way.



Fat migration in my face had started, the neck, chin and jaw line have started thinning and my upper cheeks have puffed slightly. I always had quite feminine features before such as my lips. This has just complimented my face and I am very happy with the progress so far.



My colour perception has changed ever so slightly and colours appear bolder and richer.



The skin along the shaft begins to secret the same fluids as the vaginal canal, particularly during arousal (yes, trans girls get wet). These fluids encourage the development of the same microbiome that develops within the vaginal canal. The combination of these factors means that odor (and taste) of the penis changes to align more to that of a vulva.”



This has been WILD. I experience intense genital dysphoria but I have encountered this change already and it has helped ease some of that heavy dysphoric feeling I get about downstairs.



My odour has changed as well as where I sweat. Under boob sweat is now a thing for me!


Fat redistribution

My thighs have become softer as the fat migrates and my stomach flatter. My shape is becoming slowly more feminine. It def helps I’ve always had rather feminine legs and hips!


Reduced tolerance

I use medical cannabis regularly for my pain, the amount i used to partake really gets me too high! Which is great as I don’t need as much to target pain relief. Alcohol is supposed to also be more effective but I don’t drink so I haven’t found this out yet.



Ejaculate has become clear due to the loss of production of semen and seminal fluid from the testes. I don’t get random erections anymore and the overall size of the penis and balls has become smaller.



I HAVE BOOBS! One of the most euphoric feelings I get is from the growth in my chest. I have always had a larger/more feminine upper chest area and the results so far have been amazing. They are shaping up quite nicely and look rather feminine. The breast buds behind the nipple are extremely sore and tender most days as the skin grows and stretches to change shape. Accidentally bonking one is PAIN!


Smaller feet

Oestrogen allows the ligaments in the foot to stretch more which causes the arch in the foot to increase. I’ve had a slight drop on foot size and some of my shoes are now loose.


I’m thrilled with the changes so far, I feel so feminine and slowly more at home in my body. This is just the start of the journey and I’ve already experienced so much! I’m excited to see the changes in a year. I constantly take selfies and progress photos of parts of my body to compare. I’ll include some of the photos here so you can see the changes for yourself ^.^


9th of November 2016 Pre HRT


22th of February 2020 Pre HRT


marc 2021 photo
March 2021 Pre HRT


25th of March 2022
25th of March 2022 Pre HRT
10th of April 2022 Pre HRT
22nd of April 2022 Pre HRT
29th of May 2022 Pre HRT
20th of September 2022 1 Month HRT
9th of October 2022 1.5 Months HRT
25th of October 2022 Months HRT
16th of November 2022 2.5 Months HRT
25th of November 2022 3 Months HRT
10th of December 2022 3 Months HRT
10th of December 2022 3 Months HRT
11th of December 2022 3 Months of HRT




26th of March 2022 Pre HRT


15th of November 2022 2.5 Months HRT



thank you for reading, I hope you are enjoying these insights into my world!


Much love,





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