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By Gabriel, 17 Jul 17, 0

Cave of Skulls I actually enjoyed this story much more than I remembered doing so way back when I first saw it on video. A lot of it comes from…

By Gabriel, 14 Jul 17, 7

I can recite whole episodes of this fucking show by heart. It’s my third parent and, much to the chagrin of my biological parents, the one I spend the most…

By Gabriel, 12 Jul 17, 4

There are three major groups who suspect me of having precognitive abilities. The Psionic League assume I’m an unregistered, the Temporal Hive thinks I’m pottering about in time, and the…

By Gabriel, 10 Jul 17, 0

It’s the 22nd of November, 1963 and President John F. Kennedy is assassinated, removing the final obstruction to the BBC launching a subversive fictionalised science programme designed to bring about…

By Gabriel, 04 Jul 17, 1

Well I’m still in the market for a Marketing Department. The Baboon Collective had to be demoted to a small dog house near the door where the Mail Boy comes…

By Gabriel, 24 Jun 17, 3

There’s guy who turned condoms full of his own shit into dildos to fuck himself with before eating them. There’s a community of people who inject saline into their scrota…

By Amber, 21 Jun 17, 1

Yes that’s right! We back and with a new snazzy Patreon linking service 😛 Expect some cool stuff soon 😀