Letters from Your Editor

Site updates and other general news about how your Patreon dollars are spent from your Editor and retired Brainlord, Gabriel Beefsapien Morton
By Gabriel, 17 Jul 17, 1

The Exterminators have finished scraping the last of the parasitic head goo. There’s still a dent in the wall from where a 150cm tall Glenn Ridge head was smashed by…

By Gabriel, 12 Jul 17, 4

There are three major groups who suspect me of having precognitive abilities. The Psionic League assume I’m an unregistered, the Temporal Hive thinks I’m pottering about in time, and the…

By Gabriel, 04 Jul 17, 1

Well I’m still in the market for a Marketing Department. The Baboon Collective had to be demoted to a small dog house near the door where the Mail Boy comes…