By Gabriel, 27 Sep 21, 4

There’s some old advice on narrative writing from Arthur Quiller-Couch about murdering your darlings, by which he meant ornamental prose. The phrase has since evolved to “kill your darlings” and…

$12 tier
By Gabriel, 07 Sep 21, 6

Remember to ask your questions here to have them answered in the next episode.

By Gabriel, 22 Aug 21, 5

My Recollection. I remember this one having some solid lines. Reverend Lovejoy’s incredibly patronising, “Aw, that’s just super” regarding the Hindu faith became one of those borrowed lines you’d use…

By Gabriel, 14 Jul 21, 3

My Recollection. I remember having some of the references to the episode’s namesake explained to me, but even as a child, images of Stanley crying for Stella were common sights…

By Gabriel, 24 May 21, 6

My Recollection. “Mr Black”. “Mmm, strawberries”. Barney as Krunchie the Klown. My memory of this episode puts it in the same blur of season three. The commentary track mentions that…

By Amber, 06 May 21, 0

As we move further into this year more plans are passing and new shows are being made. we have a lot to share over the next 2 weeks. As we…

By Gabriel, 11 Apr 21, 7

Wow, if you’d have asked me when I started this if it would take me four years to write about three years of The Simpsons, I’d have said, “Yeah, that…