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This is a season that abounds in growth spurts. A lot of Bart episodes give us the last few looks at him as a real boy, the show does a period episode to build up some lore, and the focus widens with an episode about an aunt and a principal.

Brush with Greatness

Brush with Greatness

My Recollection

The screaming, wet children writhing around Homer. Ringo Starr. Genitalia.

The stalemated trio sprawl across the Gold Coast hinterland like sleeping kaiju. The Big Three –Dreamworld, Wet and Wild, and Movie World– seem so dominant that it’s hard to imagine a state that could possibly be otherwise. But otherwise it was. Prior to the resurgence of videogames, prior even to my time, a populace without a million reasons to stay home roamed the suburbs and fed an ecosystem of tiny, strange theme parks.  

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