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Now we’re getting somewhere. The legs are a little less wobbly and this makes for some confident strides. Lisa develops the emotional scar tissue that matures her, Bart and Homer get some definition to their comic archetypes, and Marge gets a moment of actual character.

Bart the Lover

Bart the Lover

My Recollection.

Come back, zinc! Ow, my eyeball! I am gay.

The morality that structures/suffocates my behaviour today wasn’t always the loudest voice in my head. It’s difficult to get a word in edgewise when the executive functions are piss-blind cretins, so I’d do things that amused me I’d today consider wildly immoral. One of the ones I found the most fun, and still do (even though I don’t do it), is tampering with people’s communications. Like posting on their Facebook, for instance. There’s an art to it, a line that’s beyond the pale for the individual but not so far as to set off any alarms takes some skill to intuit, and the shock from both them and their friends list was always a delight.

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