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  1. I really like the episode ‘Homer’s Enemy’ but completely agree it does not belong anywhere near the list of best episodes. Frank Grimes is the punchline to 8 seasons worth of setup that was all the result of gradual series escalation.

    1. One of the reasons I extend the show’s quality lifespan a bit further than most is it’s a comedy and this is also why I do like that episode. It’s funny, there are a lot of good jokes in it, but the story is grotesque, cruel, and insulting to the series almost as much as the Skinner thing. The idea that it’s somehow managed to get to the top of lists is baffling.

      1. The end of season 8 saw a lot of the long term writing staff leave along with a change of showrunner for season 9. I can’t help but interpret ‘Homer’s Enemy’, ‘The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase Spectacular’ and ‘The Principal and the Pauper’ (shown at the beginning of season 9 but written and produced during season 8) as the writing staff trying to display that they’ve mined all the gold from both the core concept as well as what the core concept has mutated into and that either trying to stick with the traditional setup or continuing to try or trying change the show further will just result in a drop in quality.

        1. Really, looking at the entire season 8 as a whole reminds me of the last season of Seinfeld where they did a lot of weird experimental episodes that were quite entertaining by themselves but don’t really fit in with everything that came before it.

  2. Bollocks, I meant Homer’s Phobia with Homer’s acceptance of John’s sexuality. That’ll show me to write a question during illness and forget to proofread!

  3. Hi Gabe,
    My friend who knows way more about Wrestling made the definitive statement that wrestling shouldn’t have writers as they don’t work in the medium. He cited TNA and WWE as examples of why. I thought this would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater. As someone who knows way more about both wrassling and writing do you think the medium shouldn’t incorporate writers?

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