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  1. Your observations about the Game of Thrones final season really highlights why it is so hard to have a good critical discussion on the internet, most people can’t differentiate between a bad idea, a good idea executed poorly, and a good idea surround by a sea of bad. The same issue all so applies to The Last Jedi.

    1. A related point of frequent bad internet criticism is the idea that it’s bad writing if a character does something illogical but fitting with their established flaws. And that good writing is when characters just do whatever the most sensible and correct action would be. It’s so obviously wrong yet it pops up everywhere.

  2. The ending says a lot about the writer, I think, because somehow they can write a message about religious tolerance alongside Homer being pressured into changing his religion just to make other people happier, and they apparently don’t see the contradiction here.

    It just genuinely doesn’t occur to them that Homer might choose to have no religion at all, and that this might be as valid a choice as any other religion. Curious.

    Well, that’s how I see it not actually knowing anything about the writer(s), maybe I’m wrong.

    1. The writer is an atheist, which is probably a contributing factor as a well intended counterswing would explain some of this.

      They’re sorta trapped in a hole regarding the resolution, as making Homer an atheist or making any other major changes is a bit outside this period’s capacity, but the obvious solution is the classic broad morality everything else uses.

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