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  1. Summer Camp is one of those american things I only know of through their media, and basically only comedy at that, so I wonder how far off my mental image of it is from the reality. I’ll probably never find out.

    I imagine episodes like this must be the harder ones to analyse because it’s not very good but also not bad in any ways that are particularly interesting

    1. The challenge is in not being too repetitive. It would be way more work than I am paid to do to consistently reanalyze every article to ensure nothing is getting said twice, but also kind of pointless. I don’t expect everyone to read and memorize every article, and there is value to demonstrating things more than once, as there’ll usually be some slight variation that’s worth discussing.

  2. leaves of four refers to four leaf clovers. finding one is supposed to be good luck. I actually have 100+ of ’em ghetto laminated in my wallet from jr high

  3. The leaves of three/four line is a reference to a rhyme for identifying poison ivy, a rash-inducing plant found in American rural areas. The rhyme would be likely given to city kids going to the sticks for the first time to stop them getting stung.

    “leaves of four” isn’t a part of the original rhyme but I could see “funny sequel to the original rhyme” being a broader genre of dumb dad joke, rather than a unique one off Homerism.

  4. “Julie Kavner replied to a question on how Homer and Marge stay together by saying she has seven G spots” What the fuck

  5. I was okay with the ending, Krusty fixing things by bringing a bus load of children to a foreign city known for debauchery is in character. Not necessarily the best solution but a far cry from the ‘Surfs up’ ending.

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