4 Replies to “Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes”

  1. Ok, so as an inversion of that character question, best guest star? Maybe two categories, repeated appearances (Lovitz, Grammer, Brooks) and one offs?

  2. Two questions about your other writings broadly. Firstly do you have any plans for the writing on your old blogspot? I have a tendency to refer to both “Fighting Words” and “Wagyu Beef and Asylum Seekers” but both have long since left the internet.

    Secondly with Gabriel vs Doctor Who being very reasonably axed could I get your thoughts on R.T. Davis time as showrunner (successes, failures, legacy)?

  3. Regarding the delays, eh fuck it, I probably owe you Patreon backpay from the LDO days given how much I got out of them!

    Probably a stupid question but would you take less formal questions regarding other shows and the like?

  4. This is a complete tangent from the material but related to the theme of criticism:
    A long time ago you called Monique Wittig’s ‘The Lesbian Body’ a fascinating piece of literature and recommended it to all those listening who hadn’t read it. Having had a go (forgive me for not going the full 200 pages, please) and a look at some secondary material, I was wondering if you had any elaborations to make?

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