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  1. Alternate storyline suggestion: Herb’s device only works on Maggie (because it’s not an actual translator, he just used his best guess for what each sound meant) and the business fails. This prompts the realisation that the failure of the car business was actually his fault, not Homer’s, and then you get the forgiveness.

    Also, cut all the stuff about the couch and put it in a different episode because it takes up way too much screentime for something that never has anything to do with the plot of the episode.

    Hands Across America is something I’ve only been aware of through parodies and vague references so to learn that it was a thing that actually happened is a baffling revelation. Also, the ending of Us makes more sense now.

  2. I think a much later episode that I can’t be bother to remember had a brief aside about how Herb was broke again. Had they decided to keep using the character that might not have been to bad of an angle to go with, Herb stuck in a cycle of getting rich then somehow losing it all. It would have been a way of allowing the Simpsons to reasonably participate in activities above their social-economic class while also making sure they are financially struggling when the plot calls for it.

  3. I feel there are a lot of performers that (much like you said about DeVito) don’t get their due respect for other aspects of their craft. Chris Hemsworth seems actually pretty good at comedy but since he looks like a real life GI Joe, he gets more of those roles. Hell, Ron Killings is a very good athlete, but because he can do comedy pretty well, he’s always WWE’s comedy goof character.

    This episode was always very memorable to me as a child, DeVito sticks out pretty well and the absurd invention is kinda goofy, now that I’ve thought about it.

  4. I need to make the “Nyah!” Herb makes when taking the drinking bird away as my text alert.

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