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  1. Thanks for answering my Assessment/taste question in Colonel Homer, as well as my coffee sidetrack.

    In an earlier audio-talkie (can’t remember exactly which one), you compared the influence of The Simpsons with that of Shakespeare. Are there any other contemporary animated sitcoms that hold a similar potential level of influence, or at the very least also deserve to be analyzed episode-by-episode by bored English majors?

  2. Hoi Gabe, thanks for doing these as audios. They’re a real life-improving aspect of my continued existence and very much appreciated.

    You often point to literature in your critiques of episodes. Do you have any sort of definite go-to “must reads” in regards to either the subject of arts/storytelling or works of literature that you personally consider essential in their genre?

    I realize I might be tossing a very wide net here, so just be as specific or general as you’d like. I’m happy either way.


  3. I know you intend on doing these in order, but any chance of doing special skips to the episodes that mark major turning points (Armond Tanzarian, Homer in Space, Florida)?

    Also, in your “one episode a year” idea for how you’d end it, does that make all the previous seasons one year in-universe?

    And finally, was there a way for the Simpsons to remain fresh/relevant this long without aging everything, or is it just not possible over that long a frame?

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