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  1. I always thought the “writer” of an episode of Futurama/Simpsons et al. was just the one responsible for the first draft. Having listened to the Futurama DVD commentaries, they talk about vague ideas for episodes being floated at the start, individual writers going off to draft the script and then them being put through the writer’s room cruicible where jokes are added, removed, rewritten from the original, alternatives proposed etc.

    I’m thinking Matt Groening is probably heavily involved in that as an overseer and final decision maker, even if he doesn’t tend to draft whole episodes himself now. Basically the Vince McMahon of animated comedies.

  2. “It’s the infinity plus one of actual maths. ”

    Speaking of Futurama, they then topped that with a cinema called Aleph-0-Plex which actually is one of the infinite numbers

  3. “Things like this are part of the suspension of disbelief, so saying that there’s no narrative tension in a film because you know the actor has signed on for 3 more sequels isn’t a point and makes you sound stupid.”

    As long as we’re not pretending whichever Marvel sequel is on a higher level than a mid Season Doctor Who two-parter maybe, but I’m not sure I’d agree here as a hard rule. It can take the power out of your big dramatic cliffhanger if 4-5 sequels have already been confirmed with the same cast. Though that could be my exhaust with everything having to be a universe these days getting to me.

    1. It’s a you problem. I have to moderate how I approach works because I spend all my time deconstructing them and reading about the minutia of that process, so this cripples a work’s capacity to surprise me or even work as intended. That’s a me problem. I have to tune out my thinking about the moving parts behind the work because every work has those parts.

      Similarly, it’s not a movie’s fault that you are aware of stuff going on outside the narrative universe and there is little to nothing they can do about that. It’s identical to my problem, just the pieces are simpler. The idea that a threat is invalidated because the sequel is out in 3 years is like me saying nothing can work because it has a logical connection to other narrative points. It’s on you to fix it, not on narrative to magically manage a way around that. Narratives that try will usually mistake “unpredictable” for “good”, particularly because there is no way to have a machine work without predictable interactions between the moving parts.

      You know it’s there as much as you know that’s Robert Downey Jr pretending to be someone else, the talent is the execution within the structure and suspending your disbelief regarding the threat is the same as understanding that Robert Downey Jr isn’t a super hero. Awareness of a sequel with the same star is uncontrollable from within the narrative world, pretending it isn’t doesn’t qualify as a point. Complaining about Marvel films in this manner is like pointing out wrestling isn’t real.

      Doctor Who is a bad comparison as it has a host of problems inside its narrative structure, externalities don’t even rate when compared to those.

        1. The hardest part of any of this is getting out of your own head, or changing something that’s already in there. At least you can perceive your own weariness at a current trend as a motivating element in your thoughts. There are people properly paid to do this in legitimate publications who can’t even manage that.

  4. Between the success of Country music, Wrestling, and Jeff Foxworthy the 90’s was a great time for hicks, speaking from experience.

    I do think Beverly D’Angelo is one of the better guest stars, pretty much the only reason I remember this episode. Apparently she voices Lurleen again in a season 19 episode, but that was after I stopped watching new episodes, so I’m betting it’s not worth enduring.

    Most beers in America tend to be around 4-8% abv, mostly favoring lagers for the major breweries though microwbrews have much more variety. Don’t know what it’s like in Australia, though it does have a bit of a reputation for beer drinking.

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