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  1. Thank ye for the detailed answer sir! I’ll admit it was a shot in the dark about whether you saw the modern episode, it was Colm Meaney in it as the barman if I’m remembering right. Neeson turns up in the Catholic one.

    I kinda thought about the question after all the noise around Apu, I looked up the making of the Ireland ep and some of the writers mentioned being Irish-Americans. That lines up with your point about culture as it came off as if felt they had this intrinsic link to “the home country” or something, and the episode comes off as such to me.

    Oh, the handle’s supposed to be Preacher With a Shovel, I probably put it in wrong!

  2. If you were given the power to end the Simpsons at any point in it’s history, where would you have drawn the line?

  3. Gabe, you’ve made a clear distinction of Personal Taste and Critical Assessment numerous times in your writings, and you have called upon this distinction in episodes you thought were good but nonetheless didn’t enjoy (Homer vs Lisa vs The 8th Commandment being a clear example). Are there any episodes that you don’t think are good from a critical assessment standpoint, but still nonetheless enjoy watching?

    Also, completely off-topic, but how do you make your coffee (French press, drip machine, etc…)?

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