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  1. Not to be “That Moron” but you did forget Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk (checks episode list, booyah! Spelled it right on the first go!) at time of writing.


      Anyhoooo… Pointing out things like this isn’t annoying stupidity. ANYTHING like this, please point it out, otherwise I may not notice for some time. Like, if one of the audios has some big silent bit somewhere or something. That shit’s fine. That said, limit the pedantry. “I can kinda hear rain in the background in the gaps between some words”, yeah, I can’t afford a fucking studio, shut-up.

      That and blatantly stupid bullshit. I’ve been on the internet since 1995, and seldom, if ever, ask questions or for questions from the citizenry because it’s typically just a stupid waste of time in every way I already knew it would be. It’s the predictability of it that gets me the most. I don’t expect it, as this is a tier of Patreon I’d like to think would filter SOME of the goddamn subhumans, but I have to say something because I can never be 100%.

      1. Understood, I probably wouldn’t even have noticed if I didn’t read along with the audio. Your mentioning how many more you had left did kind of make this a good candidate for the comment, otherwise I’d have put it under I Married Marge.

        I must admit I do have a fear of coming off unintelligent in the comments because I have an anxiety with public text response (I’m much better in person talking to individuals) so that’s where the “moron” comment came from

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