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  1. You speak of youtubers here a little and I was wondering if there are any actual critics that you recommend (written articles would be more than welcome as well). While I don’t mind the reviewers I currently watch I’ve heard more and more push the “There is no such thing as objectivity in art,” while referring movies, shows, and even video games which is starting to grate when you can see that the thing is demonstrably bad.

    1. I don’t watch any, so I’ve few to recommend. I will say that the Plinkett Star Wars things actually had meaningful critique in them: things like comparisons between successful and unsuccessful techniques, and how they impacted the films. These are points that are backed up and can be used to structure change and it’s this kind of thing you want to keep an eye out for. That said, many will use opinion as a cover all defence, but usually because they are describing a work as a whole or confusing the meaning the work had on them, which is harder to measure, with the simpler internal goals of the work.

      Read my Critical Art article in the Classy Critique Corner, I go into more detail there.

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