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  1. By “personality types” do you mean the Myer-Briggs 16 personality types? Do you not believe in the frame work, or don’t believe they determine how you’re gonnna act ? Something else?

    1. We went through it in a tutorial in Intro to Psych, there are articles that detail why. Basically, they are based on nothing, Jung just said shit and psychology at the time was not an empirical science, the tests contain all sorts of ridiculous false binaries, results change for the same individual, Myers and Myers-Briggs weren’t psychologists, and they explicitly don’t predict or determine shit.

  2. I once had a job application and it asked me what my Briggs-Myers personality type was on the application.

    That, and the fact it was a volunteer job that other nearby unis paid people to do were among the reasons why I’m glad I didn’t get that job.

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