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  1. How do you feel about this episode being removed from syndication? I’m sad to see it go but I kind of understand people’s hesitance to praise Jackson, even tangentially. Maybe it’ll be like with Benoit and the WWE network where it’s removed for a time but eventually comes back with a disclaimer. Then again, Disney owns it so who knows?

    1. It’s stupid and pointless, a reaction to distance themselves from potential hassle from loud idiots too stupid to parse the differences between things like depiction and support.

      The episode isn’t about how Michael Jackson did or didn’t molest kids, it’s not taking a stance, it’s presentation isn’t helping him earn money, it’s just a reflection of the reality that Michael Jackson was one of the biggest stars on Earth.

      Removing statues is one thing, as their erection is naught but statement to begin with, but there is a point where deleting things like this removes lessons their presence provides, like how even people we treat as gods can be villains. Delete The Major saying “nigger” from Faulty Towers, and you wind up making him look like he wasn’t the old racist he was. Delete Dr Hibbert and Michael Jackson, and you act as though you were never hoodwinked by wolves in sheep’s clothing, when that reality is an important lesson.

      1. Didn’t know about Hibbert, why was that? If it was because of vague similarities to Cosby, that’s asinine.

        You do have a point, it feels like a bit of a flavor of the month, being as how it arose from the Leaving Neverland documentary, and overly cautious on the part of Fox/Disney, whom I feel don’t have any artistic integrity. As I said I wish it wasn’t gone, save for compilations and torrents, but I hope it’s just temporary.

        1. I heard they were retiring the Hibbert character, but I don’t know if that’s true. I’m quite deliberately avoiding stuff about the new series as I want to go in as raw as possible when I get there. It’s the kind of non-act that looks like something so as to quell the angry. Anger is a dumb energy that demands the immediate, whether or not the immediate is a meaningful change or not.

    1. See, I thought about that, too, but the B Sharps is another story that is so wrapped in a single parody bubble that it got covered with Bart’s line “Since when could YOU write a song”. The ep where he writes the song about Flanders is from season 14, which I’d argue is post-canon. Homer generally has a lot of single-use skills or interests that stem from him as a middle-American dad archetype, the piano is so specific and so dependent on actual skill that it stands out as odd, particularly as we never see its use in a real sense.

      It’s possible it was always intended as part of his character, or Marge’s, but it’s such a specific piece of furniture, and pricey too, that the total lack of attention paid to it is conspicuous. A bit like the rumpus room.

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