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  1. Hard agree on Rick getting out of jail too easily, it felt very cheap. I will say, that I did enjoy the narrative train episode but I’ve been overall disappointed in the fourth season so far outside of the first episode.

    Don’t really watch the first season very often, for very obvious reasons, but I do like some of the lines from this episode. Herman is obviously one of those sad cosplay special ops dudes.

    1. There’s a childishly contrarian streak at the center of Rick and Morty that clashes with the character work they do. It’s the incessant need to point out that things are bits or episodes when that’s the same damn joke each time and doing it to seem cool and aloof over meaningful emotion is exactly some Rick level shit and that man got owned by a 20 dollar an hour suburban therapist.

      The train ep was great, until the end where they had to play with it that bit further to make being entertained by it a punishment, accompanied by another glaring wink to the interdimensional cable episodes. Season 4 has been largely abysmal, funny at points but the character development has either been forgotten or ignored.

      Season three was largely great, but ditching the narrative gold mine that was an imprisoned Rick and an alien infested Earth where Jerry was a success was an absolute fuckup that will shorten the life of the series.

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