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  1. This is actually my favorite episode of this season, it has a well told story and some of the best jokes of the season in my opinion. The B story is one of the top ten of the series.

    I actually didn’t notice the motif, thanks for pointing it out.

    When I was in school, the big fad was “Mechanical” yo-yos, basically ones with ball bearings in them that spun very fast. I didn’t really have the eye-hand coordination to play with yo-yos that well when I was young, so it seemed like magic when people around me were very good with them.

        1. It’s probably not him. There’s a second Ralph that we see a few times in the first series that never actually gets evolved into Ralph Wiggum, he just sorta vanished once the familiar Ralph took over. There are a lot of early character designs like that.

  2. That interaction with Flanders and Lovejoy is great. I love Lovejoy’s lack of fully grasping what Flanders is saying when he said “he didn’t want to eat his damn vegetables”. It’s a nice way to further hammer in the already established bit that at best Lovejoy’s tired of hearing from Flanders and is only half listening.

  3. I always assumed Rodd and Todd were home-schooled. I don’t know why, there is no real evidence of this. Maybe it’s because weird kid + weird parents = home-school. Or that Maude seems the sort of person who doesn’t want her kids exposed to new things.

    1. It’s a natural thing to assume because you never see them at Springfield Elementary. It’s fine they’re not in the same classes as Bart or Lisa, but you’d think that, after ALL this time, they’d have been used as comedy fodder more than just once or twice. The gag we got was classic and it’s literally Todd saying “eyeball”. It’s a weirdly ignored thing.

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