5 Replies to “Homer Alone”

  1. I’d have said this episode reminds me of Baby’s Day Out, but that movie was released 2 years later.

      1. It’s funny, now that you mentioned it, I DO remember Sweet Pea, and the child mouse from Tom and Jerry, and another from the Looney Tunes.

        Anyhow, I do enjoy this episode, I will say that it falls a little after the stellar first half but I think of it as an evening out more than anything.

        Also, I just now noticed that Marge and Maggie have very similar names and I feel stupid for not noticing sooner.

  2. Didn’t they reuse the “Homer can’t look after himself” story at least 3 more times? At this point I wonder what Homer brings to the relationship; apart from income, he’s useless at best.

    1. Yeah, the idiot husband thing is essentially core to Homer and it seldom, if really ever, gets fixed. The idea would be to balance it out with episodes where he’s a bit more competent or the problems he causes a little more universal, but that never really happens. It’s a side-effect of the show genre, we notice it building up but the series is built around the episodes being more closed systems, and the characters are more broad tropes than nuanced individuals, so comic archetype gets priority over balance.

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