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  1. Three people coming together to make self-insert Simpsons incest porn is distinctly upsetting as it is, but the fact that there’s three people and one self-insert makes me realise they either had to discuss who would be the one to do Simpsons fucking, or the self-insert is a chimera of three different people’s ideal porn selves.

    This is actually an episode I remember really well and fondly, the Socrates bit in particular has stuck with me. The label trick was so naturally done that I actually didn’t remember they don’t show you him putting it on the radio.

    1. It’s things like that which illustrate how inured to blunt force narrative we are. We don’t need to have seen Bart apply the label because the universe around the event has so perfectly made it obvious. Most things just have stuff happen, but this lacks the patter that distracts from the trick.

      And yeah, I hadn’t thought about the argument over who gets to do the Simpson fucking, but it’s a beautiful idea. I’ve had that image burnt into my head since I first saw it and had to trudge to find it again because I couldn’t remember the name of the guy. Self-insert like this is surprisingly rare, too.

  2. I believe this is the first appearance of Buff Willy. Ever since the latest Botchamania, I just can’t stop associating Willy and Drew McIntyre/Galloway.

    This is one of my favorite episodes from this season, most of the jokes really hit the mark. I seem to remember a child being trapped down a well making the local news around this time when I was a kid and I’ve always thought of that when watching back on this episode.

    The more I look at that self-insert porno poster, the more Skinny Homer weirds me out.

    1. Yeah, this is the first buff Willy, but it tends to get forgotten, like Smithers confessing his feelings for Burns in Homer Defined. Series 3 has a foot in both early and peak Simpsons, which leaves it struggling for an identity. Some great episodes, though, and you can really see the shift to the familiar quality in episodes like Homer at the Bat and Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes.

      That self-insert porno cover is so fucking great. There’s new things to see each time. Never actually read the thing, but I may do a review of it as a joke one day.

      1. Might make a good April 1st article, if you like doing such things.

        Also, I believe I noticed another possible first in this episode. When Bart is sneaking into the well, a piece of music plays that I’m almost sure came from something else, but it sounds like the most late 80’s/early 90’s theme

        1. It’s Axel F, the theme to Beverly Hills Cop, a slightly odd choice given the reference doesn’t exactly carry but it’s one of the earlier uses of actual movie music. Possibly the first, but I can’t remember.

          1. Thank you, I forgot that’s where it’s from. I was a 90’s kid, so I watched most of the Eddie Murphy movies after his peak and subsequent slide down hill, never got around to stuff like Beverly Hills Cop

  3. Toy commercials prior to the eighties were weird. They seem to advertise themselves to parents, rather than children, which I guess makes sense, since they’re the ones with the money.

    1. Once marketing departments gave up even the pretence of morality they realised kids nagging parents for things was a more effective tool than convincing the parent.

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