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  1. This episode is probably my least liked Homer and Marge Past episodes (my favorite being And Maggie Makes Three) it has some solid jokes but the dour tone kind of kills it a bit.

    Why does Homer keep a lighter in his pocket if he doesn’t smoke? Maybe it’s just me, but I find it odd.

    1. Later flashbacks really benefit from having the kids at different ages. Maggie Makes Three has the benefit of basically being a regular episode, so they’ve the full palette to play with and don’t have to worry about the bleakness of some of the shows core ideas creeping in.

      This episode has nothing to use as distraction, so we have to sit and look at this sad relationship.

  2. “It’s not just your imagination. Everyone else is more confident, connected, and successful.”
    I’m somewhere on the autism spectrum and this reality has become increasingly clear as I’ve gotten older; I’ve even been rejected by Coles after interviewing. In real life Charisma is the only stat that matters and if you struggle to endear yourself to others (keeping in mind that this is secondary even to basic competency) you’re going to stay on that bottom rung of the ladder forever. Success, in terms of wining job interviews and obtaining promotions, is all about confidence plus connections and cronyism, and Homer lacks all that being an oaf.

    1. There IS an upper limit to charisma as a stat, it can cover for average but the utter shit tend to get caught eventually. But humans are a social species. The way social cognition dominates our thinking and decision making is a relatively poorly populated area of study. When I was researching social ostracism for Uni, I’d read close to the entire academic literature on the matter as of around 2012, and that was largely because there wasn’t that much there.

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