8 Replies to “Bart the Daredevil: Audio Demo”

  1. As an illiterate I appreciate this, though I still did read along.

    If I might offer some criticism, it feels a bit flat when you read it, somewhat stiff as if you’re concentrating on not fucking up, which is fair. I’d say it’s a petty niggle only insofar as I’m used to your regular voice on the videos where it feels more natural. I’m sure if you do more it will probably iron itself out as you get more comfortable.

    1. It’s an issue of my regular speaking manner being both fast and littered with fill words. If people don’t know a word or something when they’re reading, they can look it up. If people can’t understand me because I’m talking too fast, it sorta fucks the whole point of these. I’ll experiment a bit more, but if they are going to work as intended then I’ll be aiming for dryer with broader appeal over the alternative.

  2. I liked it, especially with the aspects of going back and dicussing mistakes/altered opinions about stuff, that gives a bit of extra reason to listen in.

    But I’m happy reading as a money chimp.

  3. id be happy to pay extra for this, i listen to some of your youtube videos while working my mundane chicken farm job. That earthbound series got me through a whole week thanks :).

    so was it the $15 tier?

  4. I would like to hear more, as I enjoy listening to things such as this during work. Can’t exactly whip up the article and read it during work time but that’s my excuse for being to lazy to read and I’m sticking to it. I’m already a money chimp, so more of these would just be further icing on top of KeepEtClassy cake!

  5. I know I’m a bit late to the party but I just wanted to throw my thoughts into the ring.
    I like this format but as someone who has been using text to speech to listen to the others I would like it if it were still written out so i could do that.

    I feel the volume needs rising but other than that its good, also a video format would be nice just for inserting your weird pics and mean. More Ibushi is always welcomed.

    Thank you for doing this series

    1. Oh, I’m not stopping writing. There may come a point, deep into it, where I get a bit more experimental with some of it, but that won’t be until well after I’ve exhausted all valuable critique.

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