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  1. Once had a “Flaming Dr Pepper” that was essentially an amaretto shot lit on fire and bombed into a beer, it didn’t taste much like Dr Pepper but it wasn’t unpleasant.

    One of the gags that always gets me is Lenny going to drink and setting his head on fire.

    In my head-cannon the cough syrup might have codine in it, something that was popular here in Houston in the early to mid 2000’s. I’m told it fairly reliably fucks you up if you don’t OD, but I never tried it myself.

    This episode is one of the more iconic ones, I’ve remembered pretty much all of it since childhood.

    I’d argue depression-Moe was a good turn that eventually got run into the ground like most other things in this series

    1. A Flaming Dr Pepper sounds fucking disgusting. Depression Moe was a great archetype too, but I’d not categorise it in the same way as Milhouse. Milhouse doesn’t deserve a lick of the punishment he gets, whereas Moe’s miseries are almost expected elements of his character and a valid punishment for his behaviour.

      1. I’m almost certain I’m remembering the recipe wrong, also I was just trying drinking at the time, so I didn’t really have a frame of reference for it at the time. The restaurant I had it at literally hasn’t had it for about 9 years.

        I agree with you about Depression Moe

  2. ” Granted, I’ve never seen a woman take a squat piss dead centre of a street”

    Thanks for reminding me of one several “highlights” of the second most garbage day I had working door.

    I could have sworn that this is the episode where Homer ends up in the lesbian bar without a fire exit.

  3. Moe is one of my first experiences with dark humor, and I still very much appreciate him, as well as early Simpsons humor from back when it wasn’t scared to get too real. That “Not today, old friend” scene of him talking to a noose he keeps around is a personal favorite, both morbid and hilarious.

  4. Much like Itchy & Scratchy supplanting Tom & Jerry in my memories, for a long time I could never remember the Cheers theme because of Flaming Moes

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