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  1. I enjoy this episode but, like you said, the fact that it shares some commonalities with the previous episode hamper it on binge watching, though of course, the Simpson’s was never meant to be viewed all at once. Also for some reason I always think of this episode as coming from an earlier season, perhaps because of the proto-sports movie aesthetics.

    I’ve actually noticed something similar on my recent first run through Gravity Falls (which i’m loving,BTW) where the first season seems to have a lot of episodes where Dipper has to forego his own happiness in order to keep Mabel happy, the time travel episode springs immediately to mind, to the point where it starts to reflect poorly on Mabel, making her seem very self absorbed and makes the show slightly one note. So far the second season seems to have addressed this but I’m only 6 episodes in, so that might change.

    1. Something I plan to tease out later, in the face of digital programs like Mandalorian returning to weekly releases, is the effect spaces between episodes affect arcs and stories. It’s something I’ve noticed with comics, when read all at once, the cliffhanger elements build up and grow stale really fast.

      With The Simpsons, I’m only watching new ones once the one I’m on is done, this puts a minimum of a week between eps, like in the old days. Space can help as a cooldown for things. The animal brain space that can be something unspecific, giving resolution to things that doesn’t really exist. This just doesn’t work when the space is only a week and the episodes are so similar.

      Mabel and Dipper were fairly split into “goofball and serious” as a foundation of the show, so things like Dipper getting the worst of it are inevitable side-effects.

  2. At the beginning of the Simpsons pretty much every brand that showed up was some thinly veiled parody of an existing property. As you mentioned as the show became more comfortable with direct reference a lot of them went away, but it is kind of interesting that quite a few managed to not only stay but pretty much take a life of their own. Itchy and Scratchy, Duff Beer, Krusty (and by extension Krusty Burger), the Kwik-E-Mart and their Squishees are all example of Simpsons parodies of real brands that can be argued, at the high of the Simpsons popularity, where more popular and well known than the things they were based on.

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