2 Replies to “Bart the Murderer”

  1. The Principle Skinner wondering how the mafia got past his hall monitors reinforces the delusions of grandeur his job as principle has given him, it’s ridiculous but completely in character . King of the Hill did the same thing several times with the principle of Bobby’s school ordering a hall monitor to escort out some adult he was finished arguing with.

  2. I still get hung up on the fact that the vacuum chord retracting pulled a fully grown human from under a large pile of newspaper. For a very absurd episode this still shatters the kayfabe of it.

    Manhattens are one of those drinks that seems easy but I always fuck it up, I make a decent martini though those are fairly idiot proof

    The fact that Homer opens the carton of cigarettes for a pack before he accuses Bart just adds to the gag.

    Honestly, this episode always seems to stay with me, probably just because it is so cartoony, plus Joe Mantegna was a great addition to the show

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