5 Replies to “When Flanders Failed”

  1. This episode features one of my favorite C-grade characters, the “Just Stamp the Ticket” Man. He features in some of my favorite gags throughout the series, most notably him just punching people who sort of deserve it like Homer in Grandpa vs Sexual Inadequacy. Something about his eternally grumpy demeanor really resonates with me and I’m rather glad he’s never expanded upon like other characters, Old Gil being an example of a character who was fine as a side gag and never needed his own episode only to get one eventually, much to my chagrin.

    1. Gil had narrative built into his character. Most of what made him funny were things like his marriage and his miserable employment situations. Guys like the stamp guy or sarcastic guy live as archetypes that don’t need backstory. This is why Gil got ruined and the others don’t even get expanded on.

        1. They still shouldn’t have tried to expand him. Even Gil’s narrative elements are either archetypal or outright stolen, he’s just Jack Lemmon from Glengarry Glen Ross. His sad life is funny in glimpses because it can be something new every time, focusing on them would move him from funny to sad, or force a narrative change. They opted to make him annoying instead.

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