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  1. I have endless questions about that GIF that will never be answered.

    Also I don’t remember the specific episodes or seasons or anything, but I know for sure Homer of all people uses the piano a few times across the series, on and off, and he plays it properly to boot. The biggest example I can think of is the “I Hate Ned Flanders” song that made up an episode’s plot at some point, I’m fairly sure that was well before the HD era of the series.

    1. It shows up in the B-Sharps episode, but that verges on non-canonical so goddamn much I don’t take the piano skill as his. It’s more a necessity of the story, which is what the piano tends to be.

  2. I’ve meet at least 3 people that have claimed to have had the idea of Coyote Ugly stolen from them. At this point I am almost convinced that it was not so much written as merely yanked from the ancestral memory of all humanity.

    1. Yeah, but that’s a parody sequence. Homer also plays piano expertly after being whipped in Kill the Alligator and Run, that doesn’t mean he can play. There’s a difference between things that the narrative establishes as part of its reality and things that are part of the rubber band stretch. Marge is a reasonably talented painter as that fact exists beyond the confines of a parody or gag. And this is the point, the piano exists in the house to facilitate specific jokes or moments, not as the result of established character or lore.

  3. Coyote Ugly was co-produced by Touchstone Pictures and distributed by Buena Vista pictures, two Disney subsidiaries. I feel the need to inflict this knowledge on the general public as it was on to me because I’ve known too much about this film for probably 15+ years. I owe this due to a sibling’s overwhelming love of the film. Jerry Bruckheimer was the other producer/production company, fyi.

    This is one of the episodes I can remember by heart though not really due to fondness, I’d rate it as fine/good, possibly because of Jackson’s star power and the song at the end staying long in the mind.

    Finally, I’d heard tell that this episode was going to be pulled from normal syndication recently as a reaction to Leaving Neverland, though I can still ondemand it through my cable box and FXX, so who knows

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