4 Replies to “Three Men and a Comic”

  1. Of all the episodes in this season, this is the one that stuck with me the most when I first viewed it as a child, especially Mrs Glick stuff (mostly the part about the grenade) and the entire third act.

    Comic Book Guy’s voice sounds just off enough from his later voice to feel wrong to my ears on re-watch.

    1. The thrust of the episode is something that is not often seen in the show, so the third act’s absolute laser focus really etches it into the mind.

  2. Two things.
    If you Google “Double Granny”, make sure you add “Knot” when searching.
    Good job on finishing two seasons. Only at least 29 more to go. But at least it starts to get more interesting.

    1. Still one episode of season 2 to go, but at least I’m making progress and getting them done quicker. Now that I am a Professional Content Technician (Second Class), I have standards to live up to.

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