3 Replies to “The War of The Simpsons”

  1. I felt your description of getting black out drunk felt it very hard. Especially for my first time getting that drunk, when I drank an entire bottle of ouzo and most of a bottle of bourbon. I got better over time but occasionally got hit hard, like last December when it was a bottle of scotch and half a bottle of bourbon. To me, the missing time was the worst part, knowing you probably did something stupid/shitty but not knowing exactly what was genuinely terrifying. I hardly ever drink nowadays for this reason and also to lose weight, I do occasionally miss it however mostly know it’s not worth it really.

    On watch back I had forgotten the B story was a part of this episode, I thought it was from much later on, same with the joke about the Mexican Hat Dance song triggering Lisa, which is one of my favorite jokes.

  2. Also I do find it rather unrealistic that the cat would tolerate having a human on it that long without scratching him to pieces and/or making enough racket to wake even a blackout drunk

  3. If I had the skill to do so I would edit the footage of Homer catching General Sherman with the HUD and music of Resident Evil 4’s Del Lago fight. I can already tell it fits.

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