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  1. On the subject of the narrative thing, I think the Futurama episode Bendin’ in the Wind does something similar. Fry gets ahold of the VW van, then Bender gets injured as a result and becomes a folk singer, and then Fry and most of the rest of the cast become hippies and follow him around as a result of owning the van.

    1. It shows up occasionally, there’s even a few other Simpsons episodes that do it. Doing it all the time would get dull but the alternative we got was far worse.

  2. Overall, I’d say this is my favorite episode of season 2. The jokes are great and the story really carries it. Burns is a compelling man-child ogre.

    Watching it back, I weirdly noticed the two mermaids at the opening holding the hoop for Krusty to burst through. In my head canon they were the most attractive employees of the park that were used.

    Homer, in this episode at least, is about 40 pounds lighter than my current weight (that’s after me losing around 50 pounds through diet and exercise, so at least i’m putting in the effort) and he’s also drawn to look more out of shape than usual, all bulge and more pronounced man boobs.

    I could have gone my entire life not knowing how much that picture Starr drew sold for and my life would be much happier.

    Is Ringo the first cameo appearance by a major celebrity in the series? I can think of a few that had significant voice role (Dustin Hoffman is in the next episode) but not as themselves.

  3. Apparently Ringo Starr makes those incredibly shitty drawings and auctions them off because someone will buy anything with his name on it. He gives the money to charity so it could be worse. I don’t know what kind of maniac would pay that much for something like that, though.

    1. At least they’re for charity. To be honest, some of them work as bizarre pieces of novelty art. Bad Finger is a hell of a conversation starter, at least.

  4. Probably the one thing that always stuck with me about this episode is homers swim shorts going from a smiley face to a frowney face near the beginning. Never found it massively funny but I always wondered if it were actually possible. What really stands out on rewatch is how in the early seasons they tried to make Bart’s catchphrase “Bitching!”, unless I’m mishearing. Kind of surprised they got away with that as often as they did.

    1. I don’t know if they were leaning into it as a catchphrase as he already had a few and “bitchin'” is far tougher to copyright both due to common usage and the fact that it would have been too sweary for the 90s.

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