6 Replies to “Bart’s Dog Gets an F”

  1. Fun fact: Rottweillers were bred to pull carts. I’m not sure if this is part of the farmer’s gag, but either way it works.

    Great episode from a narrative perspective, on rewatch I realised how much the early events of the episode are interlinked. Lisa getting sick indirectly leads to the shared grief around the destruction of the blanket, shoes and cookie. Almost a seamless way to give everyone a part to play when it comes to dealing with the dog.

    Unrelated note but I’m a dog person because my mother and I are both allergic to cats, and so our family has always had dogs. There was only ever one that constantly tried to hump my back if I sat down near them, and she was a girl. I’m glad I’ve never had the lipstick applied, as it were, that intro story deserves a standing ovation.

  2. I recall Winthrop being based on Barbara Woodhouse, a dog trainer from some British 80’s show, not unlike Ceaser Milan’s stuff if it was made about 30 years ago. I’ve personally never seen it myself but yeah Winthrop’s mannerisms in this episode cracked me up something fierce as a kid.

    Tangentially related, I remember Roger Moore in Octopussy telling a tiger to “Ssssit!” in the same dog trainer fashion that made me laugh all the same.

    1. My suspicion is that she’s still more based on Thatcher than Woodhouse. I’ve seen bits of her stuff and watched some a moment ago, similar in fashion but not character. But yeah, she looks like a loon in this episode but, Christ, the dog nanny lady outdoes her.

  3. “Eight to twelve 8-12-year olds” lines are some of my favorites from you, can’t really articulate why but it brings me joy.

    I, too, am a cat person but I’d give actual money for the lumps to sometimes understand certain commands like “Get the hell off my laptop!”

    Things bouncing off a deadpan/unchanging face never ceases to make me laugh. Variants such as the one in Homer at the Bat where the effects take a second to register are also a favorite.

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