5 Replies to “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”

    1. No idea. I tapped out around season 15, I’ve watched a few episodes here and there since then but I don’t think it’s come up. It would be a good source of an actual plot but it would also necessitate getting DeVito back.

  1. These days you could probably release a car like The Homer and people would go mad for it out of irony. That’s my biggest takeaway from this episode, like you said, not a great deal of jokes in there but the phone call one is pretty stellar.

    1. There’s so few focal jokes cause it’s packed as it is. Things like Homer not getting the hint at the orphanage is about the closest we get before the phone call. It’s a good way to double up exposition and humour but the joke is just so goddamn basic that it doesn’t stand out much.

      The phone call is a beautiful example of how you can get more bang for your buck with joke construction. Had the engineer just shouted all that at Homer, it would have barely even been a joke and more likely skewed mean to villainous. Delivering it in the reverse both prevents that and diverts the viewers’ cognition while layering the joke. It’s a humdinger

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