4 Replies to “Principal Charming”

  1. If I recall correctly, this is also the episode that introduced Groundskeeper Willie, one of my favorite characters.

    One time I was talking about pranks with some friends and one swore you could get a tank of nitrogen and make parts of the lawn slightly greener, opening up thousands of opportunities to make swears that would last several months. When he told me that I thought of the herbicide writing in this episode.

    1. I completely forgot about Willie. I got so hung up on Moleman having a different name. This is kind of a traditional Simpsons side character introduction for him. He is there only for a few moments and only in scenes where it makes sense for him to be present.

      That said, it’s remarkable how little he’s changed over the years and most of that comes from how dead on they get him from go.

  2. My biggest takeaway from this episode back in the school days was me and my brother saying “You haven’t seen the last of me willie” in the worst scottish voices we could manage. I barely remember Homer’s terminator vision until rewatching, now that its fresh in my mind I can safely say it’s an absolute gem of a running gag.

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