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  1. I actually got Bud and Terence the other day on PC and just to see you awesome guys play it is an utter treat. I died laughing when Aaron ran into those dudes and Gabe asked that we stand for the new anthem.

    The parry B button is quite novel at times too i.e Bud whacking two guys together, though it does feel more button mash than a tactical, timed parrying. Let Bud get overwhelmed, mash B repeatedly and he explodes into a cloud of fists

    The game reminds me of Taito’s Growl brawler, which felt like quantity over quality. Whereas the likes of Double Dragon games would send in a couple of tough dudes per instance, Growl would chuck in about ten plus guys who were easily knocked down.

    I’d like to see you guys do more of this game if you have the time. It really is a novel brawler in a sea of mediocrity I.e World of Fury comes to mind with a nauseating sensation

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