8 Replies to “Itchy and Scratchy and Marge”

  1. The theme of this episode hits particularly close to home for me because for an extended period of my primary school experience my mum wouldn’t let me watch The Simpsons (and later, even fucking Rugrats) because she thought Bart was being a bad influence on me. I think I was just born a cunt that didn’t take to the school system until my early 20s.

    1. I remember watching Family Guy as a kid not because i liked it, but because my mother said that it was retarded and i shouldn’t watch it. And only now i understand that she was right, and i missed out on so much sleep staying up late just to watch some mediocre jokes, half of which went over my head due to cultural distance, but i was a stubborn little shit. Good thing she didn’t try that tactic with alcohol and tobacco and just let me try those things and learn that they are bad the hard way.

  2. The stories that precede the reviews are fuckin’ gold. Genuinely hope you make it trough the whole series too, ‘cuz fuck is there a lot to talk about that I didn’t know was there.

  3. It might just be my dismal and grey English upbringing, but I’ve had a look at Goodna on Google Street View and it looks quite nice.

    1. A lot has changed. The big church complex at the end of my old street used to be a weird Vietnamese farm, for instance. Development rolls through and shoves the oddities further out. Aside from all that, the area itself is pleasant.

      1. I drove through Goodna this morning and it looks every bit the shitty dump I remember, not that I actually lived there.

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