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  1. The bit about characters being assholes and getting away with it is exactly one of the problems I had when I got into WWE (around 2007-2008), watching Edge be a dick to all my favourite wrestlers and just getting away with it. I understand how stupid that sounds but it really got to me (I was young).

    Never liked this episode much for reasons I couldn’t quite put my finger on but I think you’ve done it quite succinctly. The one bit that always stuck in my child mind was Bart’s imagination sequence after coming home, that shit borderline gave me nightmares.

    1. The dream sequence is actually a decent window into the mind of a disobedient little shit. It goes back to something I said in another write up about how early Bart was used a lot like Doug in the way they’d use fantasy elements to explore the inner life of a child.

      The scene by itself is quite good and would have made a fine part of a better exploration of Bart as a piece of shit and how his family relate to that, but it’s wasted when weighed against the other bullshit. His sense of persecution is unfounded, and instead this scene becomes formative part of the injustice of his behaviour, and ultimately of the injustice of the episode.

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