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  1. Loved this write-up. Some of the lines that seem to be throw-away jokes in these early episodes really do carry bigger connotations for the characters, and it seems to drop off pretty sharply after a point in favour of more one dimensional jokes (I couldn’t pin point when, I’m not doing a series of analysis). It’s the sort of thing I’d never really noticed on my own until it’s pointed out, and the lack of them later on does make for a different feel.

    The one paragraph about audiences not liking being challenged by their entertainment bucking the usual standards of narratives makes me immediately think of I Am Legend, when test audiences complained about Will Smith making peace with the mutants at the end. Still baffles me to the day, but then again, test audiences.

    I maintain that, should you and Aaron do another versus series, the punishment should be the loser having to mow the winners lawn wearing a dress.

    1. I’m serious by the way. I don’t like putting my name online so I put the first thing that came to mind, and after I posted it it occurred to me that using “no one” could be taken like “Said no one ever”

      But I really, really enjoy these write-ups. I’m not THAT into The Simpsons, but I had no idea the depth you could delve into in some of these episodes.
      Seriously, well done on the write-up.

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