2 Replies to “Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish”

  1. Ain’t nothing funnier than a good old fashioned poop and fart story. The longer and more eloquent, the better. Gabe talking about poops never fails to make me cry laughing.

    A minor thing that struck me as a bit odd is the way the reporter spins Blinky around each time he counts an eye off. It’s also a bit jarring watching some of these early season episodes and seeing how often Burns drives himself around, sometimes with Smithers as well, that seems like one aspect they dropped pretty quickly to play into his weak, dependable character archetype.

    1. There’s a few odd things like the Blinky spin that are so specific yet meaningless that they’ve driven me mad. There’s lines in $pringfield and The Springfield Connection that have stuck with me for years even though they’re very, very meaningless.

      Burns’ frailty is another one of those rubber band reality elements where he’s as feeble as they need him to be. Even when it’s the focal point of an episode, it’s almost always immediately counteracted. Once it hits dumb joke status they stop caring about it as a stable character trait.

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