Health update

Health update

Hello everyone, a little update on my health and the current state of the channel. For those who know about my spinal condition, well, things have worsened. My current state is that I cannot move, sit, or lay down without immense debilitating pain. I spent time in the hospital yesterday as I could no longer cope. At this point I am getting tests done and trying to find a form of pain management that works as so far everything I’ve taken hasn’t helped. I’m spending my days laying in a one position that takes a slight edge off. I can’t go to the toilet or dress myself without help. The worst feeling is I can’t stream, I can’t make content. Literally the only thing that has kept me together through this whole process.

This is going to impact Twitch and YouTube sadly. There will likely be no new content for roughly 1-2 weeks (im guessing at earliest) until I’m in a position where I can do basic daily functions. If I’m not stable in 2 weeks I’ll have my equipment moved so we can record when it laying down. I thank you for your support in this rough time. You all mean the world to me. I have been reached out to with some very kind words. Keep being awesome.

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6 Replies to “Health update”

  1. Aaron, so sorry to hear you’re going through such a shitty situation. So many good thoughts going your way, hope you get well as soon as possible.

  2. I’ve been a fan of your channel for some time, now. Sorry to hear about your current condition, and I hope you get better soon. I’m gonna miss all that crazy banter, you guys–watching and listening to how you and Gabriel carry on cheers me up when I’m down 😛 Speaking of which, I know you guys have mentioned cannabis in your videos in the past, so I was wondering if you’ve tried CBD by chance? It has helped me manage my own issues, maybe it could help you, too?

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