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  1. I can see why Lark Voorhies opted to self-publish.

    Also a few years ago when I was at university, I used to play dota 2 with a few of my friends. We’d have fun, but occasionally one guy in our group called Sam would just get far too worked up about it and would start screaming to himself and at other members of the group who weren’t too good at the game. Hilarious from my perspective.

    Anyway, Sam also went to my university, but he was on a different course. However, someone in Sam’s flat was friends with someone I knew on my course. So whenever this person was hanging out in Sam’s flat, he could hear Sam screaming his head off at people and speaking in the strange and bizarre language that is dotaspeak. Occasionally Sam would also be doing some strange Russian accent and would be swearing in Russian too (there’s lots of Russians who play Dota)

    It was a very odd experience for the guy on my course to hear all of that and have no idea what any of it meant. So I took it upon myself to explain to him what Sam was screaming about, though that may have just confused him even more.

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