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  1. This is one episode I remember clearly from when I was a kid, for two particular lines: Get a haircut you hippy, and let the fools have their tartar sauce. Those two lines were the most often quoted ones by me and my brother for years, and still are, even with the recent advent of more popular scenes (Steamed hams comes to mind). I also never realised Karl was meant to be gay or in love with Homer until I rewatched the old episodes recently, being a wee preschool lad with no real grasp on sexuality. I think I just figured that Karl was a really nice guy who wanted to help Homer out because he had such a rough time at the plant. In hindsight the kiss probably should have made it more obvious.

    Another thing that stuck out to me on rewatch was Burns showing a little humanity and sympathising with Homer over his baldness. Being so familiar with the later seasons when everyone is at maximum archetype, it was surprising to see Burns show that he can actually be a good guy once in a while and something about it warmed my little heart just a bit.

    Love all these Simpsons write-ups and I’m glad we’re into season 2 now. I never really have much to say about season 1, and whatever I do, you usually cover it anyway. Keep up the good work, Gabe, they make for some excellent reads.

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