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  1. All-nude Street Fighter needs altered animations where the fighters are all inconvenienced by their own flopping parts, for extra comedy. Also everyone in the background needs to react to this naked fighting, and the intro/outro speeches and story and everything need to address the nakedness so you know it’s in-setting actually there and not “just you seeing it like this”.

  2. So, a couple of words about UltraHMDI and getting better picture out of an N64.

    While the UltraHDMI mod is definitely the best way to get video out of a N64, whether it is worth getting for how much it will cost for parts, shipping and labor for the video quality it produces is kind of debatable. It’s also worth questioning whether if it’s worth getting a PAL, 25 FPS N64 modded. If your going to pay to have something like this done, it’s worth going all the way and getting a superior NTSC N64 with 30 FPS modded. On eBay you can buy NTSC N64s with the UltraHDMI mod for between $500 to $800 AUD, but the thing is, that Ultra Everdrive 64 I sent you is a pretty old revision and will only work on PAL machines. Ultimately, the problem is that running games through an N64, no matter how much modding has been done to it, can’t help the fact that N64 games just kinda look like crap compared to emulated visuals.

    However, we can improve the picture quality of your N64 for next to nothing. That Ultra Everdrive 64 can input Gameshark codes, and quite a few games have Gameshark codes that will remove the anti-aliasing from them, which will help with the picture. If you want, I can send you a PAL modified S-Video cable for the N64/SNES/Gamecube, which provides a pretty big improvement over the regular composite cable. I would also send a S-Video to HDMI converter, but you’ll need to find a 5v power supply for it. These three things combined will give you a much better picture. Like the rest of the shit I sent you, I don’t have any use for these things anymore, so if you want them, let me know and I’ll post them out.


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