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  1. As you guys were curious if there was any bonus to remaining fat in MS2, I gave it a go the other night as Fio. Turns out there’s no points bonus unfortunately, just an animation of her eating a bagel/doughnut and sitting down.
    Awesome work through, ploughing through those frames ‘n everything!

  2. Rome had encountered elephants before when Pyrrhus of Epirus invaded. By the time Hannibal invaded they had developed tactics to counter them decently well and would’ve had words to describe them especially considering they’d already fought a war with Carthage by then too and had encountered elephants in Africa then.

    1. Also Gabe is 100% right about the most Roman thing being to simply not give up when they were supposed too. They did literally the same thing with Pyrrhus, he won every battle but lost the war because the Romans just didn’t surrender. The ‘power’ of Rome came from their competent soldiers, innovative military organization, and logistics but also very much from the fact that they’d just raise a new army every time they lost one. Lose 4,000 men one day raise an army of 8,000 the next.

  3. Thanks for playing the Metal Slug games. They really have character, but it’s a part of childhood I missed out on, though there are similar games (and a lot similar to Captain Commando) that I spent too much of my limited money on.

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