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  1. Question: Is it possible for you to expedite the patron login process or to extend the login duration?
    The website keeps forgetting my login after every ~48 hours or so (I don’t think clicking “Remember Me” does anything), plus it doesn’t like Firefox’s or Android’s password managers so from either my phone or PC I have to manually re-enter my details every time. And since there’s no notification for post-updates it makes staying up-to-date with the intermittent video releases a pain in the ass. Add to that the “Thank You” splashpage is shown on every login there’s a whole lot of scrolling and clicking involved every time I check the site; the whole process is kinda laborious.

    Thanks very much for the early release this week though.

    1. It seems to be an issue with the way the Patreon login integration works. You can fix this by converting your Patreon login into a site-specific account.

      While logged in through Patreon, hover over the welcome message in the top right of the page and click “Edit my Profile.” IIRC, you’ll get an email that an account was created and to reset your password. Go to the link to do so, and you’ll have a proper account on this website. Use those credentials and click the smaller “Log in” button rather than the “Login with Patreon” button. The “Remember me” checkbox should work now.

      1. Oops, skipped a step. When you’re on the profile page, scroll down to “Account Management” and click “Generate Password.” That’s when you’ll get the password reset email.

  2. Are there any plans to finish series that you guys have started previously? Darkest Dungeon and This War of Mine come to mind.

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